The 10 hits the slopes are gay, that round out the 20-year


The 10 songs that round out 20 years ago in the ballad of gay
Mel C, Britney spears, and Toni Braxton: singer arrebentavam the clues, and in 2000

If the TV is estreavam Caldeirão do Huck, the late Hours and the Uga Uga and in the movies, to The Beach and to Grandma’s…the Area, which was in the minds of people in the music in the 2000’s?

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Twenty years have passed, and much of what is considered practically on the dance floor at the time it was.

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Women’s voices – as usual – to set the tone of a year that included memorable recordings of the pop.

Remember (or know) that he played in many gay people are there exactly 20 years ago:

1. Britney Spears ‘ Ooops!… I Did It Again

In spite of the music had passed away from the number 1 in the Charts (it came in the 9th), it is one of the biggest classics of the year”. Britney got in the mood and futuristic clip, which has helped the song blow up on the radio, and the clues in here.

2. Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name”

The group, which showed Beyonce, Destiny’s Child was on a high and won their second no. 1 on parade the american in with this song. The music is one of the biggest hits of the group, it also led to two Grammy awards.

3. Madonna-Music

A mix of folk, country, pop, and electronic-from the eighth studio album by Madonna got it right. The title track earned the singer his 12th (and last, so far) number 1 on the Billboard charts, and the chorus (“Music makes the people come together”) was like a glove to the dance floor.

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4. Sonique It Feels So Good

She has released singles in his solo career, and also in the design, such as S-Express, since the late 1980s, but it was not until 2000 that the general public has surrendered permanently to the british singer. It Feels So Goodwho made it to the top of the stop, the United Kingdom, this is the greatest hit of his career.

5. Mel C-I Turn to You

In 2000, Mel C, arrebentava. The group, which has been revealed to you, the Spice Girls, had not yet announced their hiatus, indefinitely, but the artist has already picked off his first solo album was released in the previous year. I Turn to You instead sat us in the ears of many gay men at that time.

6. Toni Braxton He Wasn t Man Enough

One of the biggest names in music in the late 1990s, Toni was unable to repeat that success over the next decade. His latest hit is this one, released in 2000, which won him his sixth Grammy award for best vocal performance-female R&B

7. Christina Aguilera Come on Over (All I Want Is You)

The third number 1 is the eponymous debut album by the singer, and the single-ended to the pinnacle of his career. The then 19-year-old Who is already writing his name in the history of pop music, and arrebatava it is a place for homosexuals in his fan club.

8. Anastacia I’m Outta Love

The first single released by the lady herself, I’m Outta Love she went pro in the top of the charts, and it was on the slopes, in the year 2000. While in north america, it was here as well as in Europe and Oceania, that their music broke out.

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9. Kylie Minogue, “Spinning Around”

Own the dance floor is the focal point of the music video for “Spinning Around”the track , the car, the head of the seventh-album from australian Light Years. The shorts gold used for the Case became the center of discussion in the british press, and an object of desire for women around the world.

10. Modjo, Lady

Enfm, and a man’s voice. Success in the club – gay or straight – this song has been a duo of French producers Modjo. And if you think that you trisal is nothing new, 20 years ago, he was the subject of a paper clip of one of the songs the most played songs of the year.