The actor in the Marvel comics, he gave this incredible the Avengers for Chris Evans


Robert Downey Jr. known as the “Iron Man”, Marvel has shown they know how to give to someone else. The lucky winner of the day was Chris Evans as ‘Captain America’ in the studio.

To celebrate, the famous partnership, one that had to do with the actor, and the actor of Tony Stark and gave him a car with the theme of the Avengers for Chris Evans. The vehicle is priced at$ 275 billion to something around$ 1.4 million).

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CNBC, which recalled the situation, said the star of “Iron Man”, and began to speculate, with Chris Evans, which is the kind of car that the actor enjoys. The artist of spider-man revealed the love of the Camaro.

A model for 1967, but the preference is for the Chris Evans, will cost you around US$ 25 billion (more than us$ 100 million). But, But, Robert Downey Jr. I had to leave a mark on him.

The star of “Iron Man” has hired a specialist to repair the Camaro. With this, the car has gained the details from the films in the Marvel universe.

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The color of the seats, for example, is inspired by the clothes worn by Steve Rogers character and Chris Evans. In addition to this, the wheels are fitted with designs of Captain America.

This was because even in the year 2018 to Chris Evans. But few fans know about that storyline, which is a part of the fellowship and friendship of the participants.

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Get to know the great gift of the Robert Downey, Jr. Chris Evans in the video below.

Believe it or not, all of the stars and planets came together in the Marvel universe. The last film of the actors was in Avengers: Ultimatum.

In the story, the Man of Iron, he take the big step to beat His being responsible for the high-end. In the meantime, spider-man returns to the past, and it is with Peggy Carter.

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The avengers: Deadline, is available on Amazon Prime Video.