The cast of ‘Friends’ gives the fans a chance to take part in the series – Entertaining


The end of the series Friendsone of the most successful comedies in television, and offered six fans the chance to join them in a special program, which will take place in the near future and will raise funds for those most affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“That’s where, you know, the entire cast of the Friends“it was the most recent involvement of celebrities in the so-called #AllInChallenge was released in the United States, in order to raise money to help feed americans at risk for the sake of the pandemic.

The stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, announced the contest on its social media platforms.

“Whether our guests are personal, in the audience for the recording of our reunion, I HBOMAX, as we think about the program and to celebrate all the fun we’ve had … and have gained the experience of Friends, a VIP tour of the studios of Warner Bros, posted in Anniston.

“We are hoping that this will bring a bit of joy and something we look forward,” he said.

The prize for the contest includes a breakfast with the cast of the television studio in Central Perk, in Los Angeles, at a date to be determined.

Expected, the special meeting of Friends the new streaming service from HBO, HBO’s Max, it has been announced in the month of February. But the recording was delayed because of the coronavirus, which has suspended all production in film and television for more than a month’s time.

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