the crisis of the trade marks without the founder


Soon after that, the fans of the Kate Spade has come to light that the designer had died in an apparent suicide, stunned, ” they were more like the bags that they bought after the first big promotion of the game in bed that you have earned for your first home, or macacõezinhos and put them on your baby.

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And many of the if you have any suggestions as to a brand of Kate Spade was going to leave without you, Kate Spade.

The fact is, though, that she didn’t join the cia for more than a decade ago. At the time of his death, and the Kate-Spade-New-York it had already passed to the owner of the owner, and is no longer a luxury affordable to turn to a shop, anchor shopping centers, and the merchandise is often counterfeited.

However, during this time, the identity of the designer – the smile, the hairstyle, the dresses-colored – continues to be a big part of the appeal of the brand to the customer.

“The people had a discovery is enormous, because even though it is not overtly present, and it would give the customer an emotional connection with the business sustained by the remembrance of what she stood for. He was the one who really held on to its success, although they have decreased over the past ten years. But, the illusion is over,” said Wendy Liebmann, CEO of consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail.

The fact that you assume that the Spade was a part of the company, which stopped working in 2007 and it’s the kind of thing that often happens in an industry full of companies with the names of their founders. Calvin Klein has agreed to sell its business in 2002, the fashion house of Oscar de la Renta took up the leadership after the death of the fashion designer in 2014, and Jil Sander walked away from the brand three times in 13 years, turning from time to time, in the year 2013.

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To varying degrees, these and many other companies are still calling upon the power of the residual of the identity and the vision of its founding fathers. Even though the allure of the brand, Kate Spade has dropped slightly, analysts said that the customers will never stop associating the company with her, and she is used to the style.

The exit or death of the founders

The output, or the death of someone, so it’s not always a disaster for a company. Some of the top designers, such as Diane von Furstenberg, have tried to address the need for a succession plan to their line counterparts. Other fashion houses such as Versace, Alexander McQueen, end up falling in the hands of the strong, and continued to thrive even after the sudden loss of its founder.

But it doesn’t always work out that way. Roy Halston Frowick, the highlight of the fashion scene in the 1970s, has seen its brand Halston go through many manoeuvres to corporate to almost reach out of the darkness, before his death in 1990.

“Whenever there is a change, whether planned or not, it means that the stimulus to its clients and investors to assess whether the brand is genuine, if it’s a feature. The name on the tag, it generates all of the one-type-of-uncertainty-and-risk,” said Susan Scafidi, founder of the Institute for the Law of Fashion in the Faculty of Law at Fordham university.

Spade seemed to be keenly aware of their influence. She has started a new brand by the year 2016, the French, Valentine’s, and changed its name to include “Valentine”. His sister told the newspaper, the Kansas City Star that the Spade he had not sought treatment for mental health, in part because of a fear that their problems would reflect poorly on your brand.

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The people are the marks

“Right now, with so much exposure, the people are the brand, not only the products that you all put into the body,” said Bobbi Brown, the friend of the Spade, which he left to his cosmetics business and capital by the year 2016, more than two decades later, it was sold to the giant beauty and Estee Lauder.

Brown said that normally it is stopped by the customer of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, which require you to move to or build on what she already doesn’t have any effect. “The founding fathers also bring with them an emotional investment, and an élan of creative businesses, with their names, that many of the companies which buy struggling to rebuild,” he said.

The founder cares about the details, the people, the things, perhaps the big corporations don’t care as much,” he said.

Spade and her then boyfriend, Andy Spade started out, the brand Kate Spade in 1993. Their bags have become a ubiquitous symbol of the chic, lively, and the company has expanded the product line into other categories as well.

The couple first bought the majority of shares to Neiman Marcus in 1999, in order to free himself from the other, and away in 2007 to dedicate more time to family obligations.

At Neiman’s you quickly went to contract for Liz Claiborne, who later took the name of Kate Spade throughout the organization. In the past year, the company was bought by the Coach, and since then, it has adopted the name of the Tapestry.

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The “new Kate Spade” the fight to endure

Although it has grown substantially since the control of the Spade, is the business of the vineyard, showing signs of fatigue lately. In-store sales for Kate Spade that are open for more than a year, had been falling every quarter since the acquisition of the Tapestry, which did not respond to a request for comment.

Nicola’s Company, the former, Michael Kors, has taken up the post of fashion designer at the beginning of this year, a post that is over a decade ago it was Deborah’s work as an Architect. Analysts at PiperJaffray, wrote recently that the Tapestry would try to liven up the sales, and holds in china, where the awareness of the brand, and Kate Spade it is many times less than that of a Coach, and has also unveiled the brand’s presence on the shelves of major department stores, which tend to give discounts as well as web sites in a flash sale.

The personal relationships that consumers may have with a familiar name may help to boost a brand’s retail outlets, but it can also lead to complications.

Scafidi, the Law Institute of Fashion, said that he advises the designer of the emerging non-baptized their brand with your name on it.

“The significance of the mark is linked to the name of the company. When the founder departs, leaving the name behind, from a personal perspective, the situation is confusing at best and, at worst, extremely painful.”