The existential crisis of Natalie Portman


What happens when someone in the back of the room? Depression in the post-space? It is quite probable, or at least that’s the belief that Lucy is in the Sky, by Noah Hawley, based on the incredible true story of Lisa Nowak, an astronaut arrested after attempting to kidnap a fellow student and the victim from the psychological damage.

The film, of Hawley, it never goes in search of the facts as true, and the appeal of the foam for the home it was inspired only in the “fait-divers” in order to create a complex portrait of a woman. Lucy is a version conjured up by a Smooth, for someone who has difficulties in adapting to the real world after a sense experience of a “cosmic” when he saw the top of the world. A woman is overwhelmed by the beauty and the feeling to be able to transform. Suddenly, in the face of her husband, her daughter, and the banality of daily life, everything seems to be small.

Natalie Portman is the woman to peel back the skin of the model for the heroine of an american, and is married and subservient. After the ecstasy, the space you want to experience (in addition to the duty of getting pregnant for the second time, or the bbq’s in the family you want to make trips to the NASA people, and to try to have an affair with an astronaut, the most senior. Above all else, and is obsessed with returning to it at the top, to the point that your behavior is “off” when it begins to take in the sights.

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