The Kingdom is Lost, ” says the web site


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The Disney it seems to have found a new chicken that lays the golden eggs, through to the versions on the live-action movie of their classic cartoons. Films such as Aladdin, beauty and The Beast and The Lion King were the successes of the astronomical box-office, so the expectation is that the studio will continue under this strategy, over the next several years.

They seem to be willing to get on with it, but getting movies to the less well-known, as is the case with the Robin Hood And The Potter”. But there’s another one that might be in the cross-hairs of the house of the Mickey’s very soon. It is Atlantis: The Lost Kingdomoriginally released in 2001, which flopped at the box office, and through that, fell by the wayside.

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According to the sources, from the web site We Got This Coveredto Disney, I would be very keen to bet with it again in the movie. The project would be in the early stages of development, with few details made public.

Furthermore, according to the website, the studio has already decided who he wants to see how the main character in the adaptation. Milo Thatch, cartographer, which turns out to be involved in a great adventure that can be lived by Tom Hollandthe Spider-Man costume.

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How to Disney do not comment on this officially treat it all as rumor for the time being.

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