The movie, La-La Land ” won the soundtrack to the live-in Cinematographo


In the February issue, a feature film will be sonorizado of the band in the Movie It’s in February, and the sale of tickets will start on Tuesday (28)

The Cinematographo presents on the 9th of February, the trail to live in Her Land, and pa system for the band in the Movie It’s in the MIS (Museu da imagem e do Som) in são paulo. The tickets are R$ 20 (entire) e R$ 10 (stocking), will begin to be sold this Tuesday (the 28th) both at the front desk of the Museum and on the website of the Sympla.

In the long term, the jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), when they arrive in Los Angeles, do you know the actress is a novice, Mia (Emma Stone), and the two fall in love madly. On the lookout for opportunities for your career in this highly competitive town, and the young people are trying to make the relationship work, while they chase fame and success. La-La Land ” won six academy awards in the year of 2017, including best director for Damien Chazelle and best actress for Emma Stone.

In the Movie It’s a band that was formed especially to develop a track for the soundtrack to a live movie, La La Land, in the Cinematographo of the MISSION. What Gasparetti (Piano & Voice) – Degree in Conducting at the Department of Music, the carnegie mellon/or ECA-university of são paulo. You already that the violin is directed by Paul Viel. Trained in the violin, classical music by the University of antonio carlos Jobim (EMESP), he studied the violin with Eliane Tokeshi in the School of Communication and Arts. The bass is handled by the Fred Viana da Silva. Bachelor’s degree in Bass Trombone from the Faculty of Integrated Centers in the Class of Professor Donizeti Fonseca.

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