The new album by Lady Gaga, “Chromatica” you’ll have songs with Ariana Grande, and BLACKPINK, by making public on the web site


Then, this Wednesday (the 22nd), there is no doubt that, with the partnership as anticipated in the new album Lady Gaga they are indeed real. This is because the Target, and released the the full of -“Chromaticanow with the release date postponed for an undetermined period of time. Among all the partnerships present in the end track, is Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK – by the way, the name that the fans were in doubt about it. It’s worth a celebration?!

Find out the names of the feats. Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande, and BLACKPINK

This is not the first time that the website offers tracklists the special edition of the project. In the case of the album of the Concert, you will be able to purchase a version with more voices added. Gives you just a glimpse!

The list of songs that are disclosed below, where you can see it in the name of “Ariana” on the fourth track, titled “theRain On Me“as it has already been revealed to you, and BLACKPINK on the last track of the CD, by the name of “Sour Candy“. In addition to the girls, Elton John it also has a presence in the list of the partners of the album.

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