The Notorious BIG-I thought JAY-Z’s the better rapper and singer than he is, says Lil Cease


Lil ‘ Cease says the Notorious BIG’s believed that Jay-Z was rapping better than him.

The sessions are from the Instagram of Live are becoming more and more popular these days. When you are checking for your feed that’s OFFERED is usually a sea of red circles will appear at the top indicating the various sessions, OFFERED Live-in-progress. Smoke DZA has also done his stuff on Instagram-Live, with a new video showing him talking to a colleague in New York, Lil ‘ Cease.

Office, he was a member of the group, to be led by a Biggie, Junior MAFIA, and not just a friend of the late rapper, but a cousin. The music video for their conversations and focus on the Biggie, and Jay-Z with a Cease reveals that Biggie is apparently conceded that the Lane, was the MC of the “more attractive” than he is.

“Once we have the Big meet him at the Palladium, and they have fallen in love with. Because they were respected as men, and respected them as artists,” says the Office, in the chat. “Big ” he was not afraid to tell you things… and the Big thought that he was better than him, that’s what he used to say, like, ‘you’re more awesome than me’.”

“These are facts”, continued in Office, adamant that I wasn’t lying to you. He even pointed out a singular moment that is the Big felt that the Hov lane has helped him, referring to his speech on the “Dead President”. “When Jay-Z said in that last sentence, about the “Dead President’s” Big spoke like, ‘Yo, he’s got me’.”

Check out the clip below.