The pregnancy will cause problems for-Katy-Perry-and-Orlando-Bloom


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, the star of The Lord of the Rings, you are facing a period of transition. It is due to the pregnancy, the singer is in the midst of a pandemic of a coronavirus (COVID-19).

Before Katy Perry had already revealed to the tv presenter, Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol judge, and that the two of them have a few fights. But, they will always come back to each other.

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This time, however, US Weekly says that the situation is more tense than usual. What is happening is that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are so concerned about pregnancy is the first child for the couple.

“Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are having a few ups and downs during this time. The singer is coping with the stress of being a mother-and-Orlando-Bloom-is stressed-out by having the baby at that time in the world,” says the publication.

Anyway, the magazine claims that Katy Perry continues to be happy with the pregnancy, because she has always wanted to be a mother.”

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The quarantine on account of the coronavirus it really puts a damper on plans by Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. In addition to the concern that there appears to be leading to.

In the famous thought of getting married in Japan, until the mid-2020s. However, those plans have been delayed because of the pandemic.

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Because of this, as Katy Perry will not be able to go up to the altar of the mother. It is a dream of being a singer and Orlando Bloom.

People magazine said that they were “a little disappointed” by the result.

With this title the world famous, must wait for the birth of the baby to decide when it will be in the wedding ceremony.

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Orlando Bloom can be seen in the series, Carnival Row to Amazon Prime Video. The show has one season available, and it is renewed for the 2nd year.

Already, Katy Perry is a judge on American Idol, the Idol of the United States of america.