The promise of the country is compared to that of the star of ” Thor: Bring a light, Famous


One of the promises made to the country music, the singer, a Junior at Villa has been the most successful in social media. The fans will not stop to share in the similarities of him with the actor Chris Hemsworth, who is responsible for playing the character of Thor in the Marvel movies. The music has also been compared to Liam Hemsworth, the ex-husband of singer and actress Miley Cyrus, and the brother of Chris.

As a result, the followers of Junior and have already put in the nickname there for the fun, for him, such as Thor And Liam Hemsworth brazil, and is the Youngest Hemsworth.

The games are being seen by the singer, who has admitted to liking the movies made by the actors. “I’m not happy with the comparison. I was a bit surprised at the beginning when they started the operation, but I am a big fan of the actors. I take it that lightly, it’s a nickname of endearment,” said the NaTelinha.

And, a Junior, recognizes that the brothers Hemsworth are beautiful men, and that he is relieved to be compared with that of the two of them. “I have to play when the people speak, and one of them is, ‘it’s good that I have not been compared with that of the Rm. Mr. Bean’,” he added, referring to a character in a british comedy.

The promise of the Junior Villa

The singer, a Junior at Villa he was born in Santa Catarina, and has a 21-year-old. The country is praised not only for its beauty, but also because of the music, which he has been presenting to the public.

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He is the owner of the hit, the Better the Stretch that broke the mark of five million views on YouTube in just a few months of release, placing it as one of the prominent names in the rhythm, music will be in 2020.

The Junior, or the third brother-Hemsworth – a-joke created by the fans, it is also responsible for the singles, Cold Pie, and Beer in a Kiss. The country has many thousands of subscribers to the digital platform and already has made a duet with the Dude and Walter.

Check out below some of the main success of the Junior Villa:

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