The Rolling Stones put a launcher in a time of social isolation


The Rolling Stones have released today an unprecedented theme, ‘Living in a ghost town’, was recorded during this period of seclusion” for the sake of the covid-19, revealed that the publisher is Universal Music.

‘Living in a ghost town, it is the first launcher of the historic british band at the age of eight and has been created and recorded between Los Angeles and London, with all four of the musicians gathered in the insulation, and work on them separately.

As quoted by the record company, lead singer Mick Jagger, who wrote the theme to the guitar player Keith Richards discusses the Rolling Stones were in the studio working on new songs even before the global pandemic of the covid-19, and the quarantine was ordered in a number of countries.

“The reason we chose this song for more than a year ago in Los Angeles, california, to be a part of a new album was in the works, and then this happened,” said Keith Richards, as quoted by The Guardian newspaper, which also said that the lyrics of the song refers to the efficiency of the insulation due to the new coronavirus.

The news of the release of this theme comes days after four of the Rolling Stones — Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood – have been involved in the festival-online-the music arranged by Lady Gaga, with the raising of funds for the World Health Organization.

At the festival, the group performed in the four videos that are synchronized to an acoustic version of ‘You can’t always get what you want’.

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The Rolling Stones formed in 1962, which was prepared for one more stage on the current tour with a concert in May in the United States, have already brought forward for the sake of the covid-19.

Even though they have already released two new songs on the compilation, and they have made an album of versions of the blues, the latest record from the original by the Rolling Stones date from 2005, when it launched the ‘A bigger bang’.