The Scherer making fashion


The Scherer try to follow your work from a different angle. Currently up in the air on the replay of the “work-outs – long Live the Difference’, the actress is celebrating the chance to review her debut in dramas with more poise and peace of mind. During the period of time in which you have been involved in the recording, After I had a little time to see your work up in the air. “I was so happy to be able to keep up with this project, take your time. At the time he was in the air for the first time ever, we made every day, so we had to keep track of the internetthen, ” he recalls. The story, written by Cao Hamburger, she plays the role of a fox’s Clear, the best friend of a protagonist on the Wind, for Manoela Aliperti. The two have been created, such as best friends, but in reality, they are sisters by father…. Clearly this is the result of an extramarital affair of Edgar’s heart for the World by Antony, with the Malu, the role of Mercury is very simple. “‘Workout’ has been a great learning experience as an actress, it was the first time I was able to live out the same character for such a long time in a variety of real-life situations. The Light passed through a number of ups and downs in the course of the story, he had his stage, the rebels have suffered a lot, fought a lot… it Was quite an experience as well, rich as an actress” values.

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In addition to the action, After it has also invested heavily in their side of entrepreneurship. Shortly after the end of the “Workout,” the actress began to dream of creating a clothing brand. Currently, Isabella is in the front of the tag Serê, the name of which comes from the word “serendipity” that means the discovery of something good and precious chance. The actress makes it a point to control all the sectors of the business. “I am in love with fashion. As soon as I finished my ‘work-outs’, I took a few months to focus on that. I do pretty much everything, the design, allow for the modeling, and I make the changes, the photographer put all the pictures and information on this website, I am on the Instagram for the brand name…” says the actress, who has been maintaining a workout routine during the period of the quarantine. “I try to take a little bit of sun, and take advantage of the rest of the time watching movies, reading, cooking, and working on my ‘e-commerce’” he said.

Name: Isabella Medeiros, An Increasingly Globalized Society.

Birth🙂 On 17 feb 1996 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, brazil.

The acting is unforgettable: Series “a ” Psi” of the CHANNELS.

Interpretation is a memorable one: Joaquin Phoenix in “the Joker”, by Todd Phillips.

A defining moment in his career: “Work-outs”.

The one thing missing from the flat: “Brazilian Cinema.”.

What’s left on the tv:Bad news”.

Who would you like to perform: Montenegro.

If you weren’t an actress, what would it be: “Fashion designer. I am. (laughter)”.

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The actor: Joaquin Phoenix.

Actress: With Margot Robbie.

The novel preferred: “Avenida Brasil,” the world of the 2012.

The villain’s striking: Carminha, played by Adriana Esteves, in “Avenida Brasil”.

What novel would you like it to be reprisada: “Lady of Fate”, the Globe (2004).

What role would you like to represent: “A new well-doidona”.

The film: “The reports of the Wild”, by Damian Szifron.

The author’s favorite: Dame Agatha Christie.

Favorite director: The mexican film-maker Alejandro Iñarritu.

Performance:You forget that you get to know someone”.

A selectionIncense”.

One would thinkThe airplane”.

The project: “I want a cooking channel”.