The staff of Ellen DeGeneres to make a complaint


She has been working in the team of the popular show of Ellen DeGeneres they are upset by the lack of communication on his or her payments, and in the middle of a quarantine due to the current situation of the coronavirus.

The team, which has more than 30 employees, from claims, according to the New York Post, which is still ‘not been informed’ about the issues related to pay, hours of work, or consultations about your physical and mental health for more than a month’s time.

Mask comes to creating the program in his home, and engaged in a technology company out to help you pass every day on your talk show at his house, and, what was still more to the team, as it is not them calling.

As if that weren’t enough, they claim that in the last week has been sent in a message to employees that they should prepare in haste for a reduction of up to 60% of your income, even if the program is continued in the air.

Only four of the core members of the team are currently working on a ‘remote transmission’. The sources said that it considered it to be inconsistent with the message of the day-to-day Mask provides to the public, ‘to be kind’, when it was not being with his team.

A spokesman for the Warner Bros. Television, which distributes the program, said, “Our executive producers, we are committed to taking care of our people, and for the team, and took over many of the decisions, taking all into consideration, he said.

The studio said that the entire team has received one payment of time, and confirmed that the same had suffered a reduction in range.

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The charges

A few days ago, Ellen Degeneres has received several negative comments through social media after the host of a podcast, Kevin T. Porter, asking that the stories of problems, it would be revealed.

“At a time when we need a little bit of kindness. You know, the kind that Ellen DeGeneres is always to speak. It is also known to be one of the most evil there is. Please respond with your story, the more insane you’ve heard of it being bad to each and every one of them will donate$ 2 to the charity,” he said.

Various responses have emerged to the public, and even though lots of people say that this was a prosecution in the charge against him or her, many of the reports on the negative come into existence.

“After working for Ellen for five years, and a friend went out to have a child, and he found a better job in union, with a number of benefits. Ellen pleaded with her to come back, and quit the job in a week or so later, with no explanation. She had suffered for a year with a child, and no benefits,” said one woman.

“A friend was working in the studio with her, she smiled and wished a good day each time that he passed on to her side, and she was furious. ‘Who the hell do you think you are? You should not be looking for me.’ The Portia was standing next to her, he was embarrassed, and tried to calm her down,” said another report.

“I served in the Ellen and Portia at the brunch. She wrote a letter to the owner complaining about the nail Polish, cheap on my nails (they weren’t on the plate for her, only for my fingers anyway). I had been working late, so it was the next morning, and I almost got fired,” said one person.