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Katy Perry (and her songwriters) lost a lawsuit last year in which he had to pay US$ 2.8 million for the rapper’s Next for the alleged copying of the melody of the song Dark Horse. The case has generated comments from many other experts and youtubers, among them, the music, Adam Neely, who has defended Perry in the video of the most talked about on your channel. It turns out that, as fate would have it, Neely is now being sued by Warner Chappel, the writer of the Kate Perry by capitalizing on the controversy involving a Flame.

In the process, the registered calls for the youtuber to give the whole a monetization of your video to Katy Perry and her record label, in addition to the payment of royalties for the alleged use of the words of the song, the recording of the material.

To learn more about the event

In August, 2019 at the latest, the jury found that the composers of the hit song Dark Horse infringes on the rights of the the song christian, Meanwhile, on the stretch of the 2008 Joyful Noise. In the judgment of US$ 2,78 million and fell as a bombshell in the industry, which led to all-Katy-Perry-and-her the staff to classify the decision as a “travesty of justice”.

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“The writer of Dark Horse, sees the court as a travesty of justice. There is no offense,” he said in the statement. “There is no access to the likeness of a substantial nature. The only thing that is common to them all is the expression of the notes ” C ” and ” B ” were evenly spaced and over and over again. People, including musicians from all over the world are expressing their consternation with this,” he said.

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One of the experts who found the action ridiculous, he was a musician and a youtuber, Adam Neely, who posted a video on YouTube that explains why such a decision is not made absolutely no sense at all. In the video, in which he was on the side of Perry’s, got millions of views and, as a result, he was asked to comment by a number of publications from the news that covered the event.

It turns out that the writer of the Perry, Warner Chappel, check out this defense of Neely such a way that the player has found, in order to capitalize on this event to himself, and resolved to prosecute it. “The record label of Katy Perry at Warner Chappell, you have to make a claim on one of my videos. They hired me to do this video, for the defense of the case, but, nevertheless, they claimed the ad revenue from that publication,” he said.

You don’t have to stop there. In addition to the claim to the value obtained by adding the video to the album, Perry claims that the youtuber has used the music of ” Dark Horse without permission, and that also sets up the break of the copyright owner. But there’s one more thing: the music was not used.

Here’s a video from Neely:

The content that is claimed to have been misused, according to Warner Chappell, has been found between 35 and 44 seconds in the video of Neely. However, the youtuber claims that it is this part of the track was, in fact, a demonstration of the Joyful Noise, and not a Dark Horse. It remains to be seen if the rapper and singer; This will also sue Neely, the one that would make this salad even more confused.

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It is well to remember, however, that we do not make this complaint of a video of Neely and the staff of the Perry’s.

The outcome of this story, it seems to be well up in the air.

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