“There is no Planet B” and that of the Carmen of Lima

“There is no Planet B” and that of the Carmen of Lima

Like it or not, thanks for the Greta Thunberg in the debate on climate change and entered into the lexicon of every day, and are currently in the programs of all political parties, it would be a good time, which in the Editions of Tea in the afternoon to publish this first-class deal, “There is No Planet B,” authored by Carmen Lima, co-ordinator of the Information Centre of the Waste from the Project, and the founder of SOS-Asbestos.

By Flávio Gonçalves Pravda.ru

When you pick up this book, I thought I would probably be dealing with more of a work of apocalyptic, as so many of you have come to the market over the last few years, but in reality, it is a work of hope, which makes it quite lives up to its subtitle, “the Days & Tricks For a Sustainable Environment”.

At over 200 pages, Carmen Lima, a warning for what is currently going on, so that eventually it will happen to the planet and to all of us if things don’t change, and then, the icing on the cake, it provides us with a true guide to action on how we, all of us affect the impact of harmful, which can lead to a new mass extinction, by means of purely behavioural change in our day to day life.

And all of this in writing is extremely engaging and accessible, without a vocabulary game, or hate, the author is able to expose what is wrong with what we are dealing with and the various options that are possible, so that we can resolve it. In order to have an idea, I was able to read 200 pages in one day (on my break, this is the right time, without getting bored or tire of the terminology.

I think that a good part of it is due to the form adopted by the company, where the topics are addressed in several thematic sections, but also point-to-point, making it easy for your query, after reading this book as a guide to good practice whenever you’re out shopping, you want to plan your vacation, find out which fresh fruit in season, and it would be more eco-friendly to manage our time.

Since I no longer do book reviews on the pages of newspapers and on to paper so that a row specified and that left the score for that rule is to apply to the books under review, but it would certainly be five stars. Congratulations to Carmen Lima, the content, as well as Ana Steps in the Birth and Louis Black for a sublime job with the design of the cover, which to be fair was what first attracted me to the book.

The executive summary

It’s in our hands to help turn the tide of the World. And while it is true that the major changes in the circumstances that are essential to ensure the continuity of the human race, equally important are the measures to be adopted by each and every one of us. To reduce the consumption of natural resources, increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, you choose to systems of soft mobility, or to adopt the politics of the 5R’s in the management of our municipal waste is the small gestures that make us to be more responsible in environmental terms.

But, in order to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment, the most important thing is to be prepared to think, to buy and to eat in a different way. Because of all the little things that are important, such as in the production of this book on recycled paper.

About the Author

Carmen lee is the coordinator of the Information Centre of the Waste to the Project and co-founder of the ” SOS – ASBESTOS Support Group for the Victims of Asbestos. It works with the theme of Waste, the Policy for the Prevention of waste production, and the concept of the Circular Economy, and on the subject of Asbestos. He began his professional career in 1999 in the area of Waste Management. She holds a degree in Environmental Engineering, a post-graduate degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Construction, and a master’s in urban Planning and Sustainable Construction.

Is completing a doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering from the instituto superior técnico. He has participated as a speaker and moderator at numerous conferences, seminars, workshops, and hearings in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Poland, Belgium, and the united states. He was responsible for the presentation of the rubric, “Dear, Friendly” the program is Dear, the Morning of the SIC.

Technical Data Sheet

Publisher: Tea
Binding: Softcover
Number of pages: 208
Price: 15,50€ (To Wook)
A 9789897103612

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