Tom Holland makes the challenge of handstand with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal


In the fourth (1), actor Tom Holland he tried to carry out the difficult task of dressing up a t-shirt, while it is supported on the one hand, in the position known as “thehandstand“by the practitioners of crossfit. The so-called “I dare you handstand is one of the many activities that circulate through the social networks during the days of segregation. Here’s how it went:

To that, Holland was not by any means bad, but it does not esperariamos least in the current Spider-Man in the USINGin it , right?

After you have completed the manoeuvre, he had the stars of Hollywood to achieve the feat of strength and agility: Jake Gyllenhaalco – Spider-man: Far from Homeand Ryan Reynoldsthe Asgard.

Gillenhall zoou Holland, asking if the challenge had been to “breathing heavy without a shirt?“but it was a joke, and has also shown the most ability at the time to wear a t-shirt without a review. He also challenged the leadership of Hugh Jackmanthe song 50 Cent her and her sister, Maggie Gyllenhallto do the same. Check it out below:

Reynolds, for his part, responded only with a puzzled look and a “Don’t“in ayrshire.

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