Travis Scott has about 2 million people in Fortnite


The song Travis Scott it attracted a veritable cult, for its presentation of a virtual game Fortnite on Thursday night (September 23). In addition to the players of the online game business, the company Lightshedspecializing in the technology and telecommunications sectors, it is estimated that more than 2 million people have seen the show by the middle of the platform YouTube and Twitchtaking advantage of the broadcast of the players in the channels (via the Kotaku).

The show of the Night, which you can watch in full above, from mark 5:26 had a little more than ten minutes, but it was good enough for the musician to release new singleThe Scotts” (13:37).

Scott will play four more times in a game: is this Friday (the 24th), he provided them with a show 11 am; on Saturday (may 25), the submissions will be displayed at the 12 and 13 and, finally, to the 19.

Scott is one of the main attractions of the Lollapalooza 2020that is going to be held 4th-6th December.

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