Universal Pictures signs agreement for 5 years with LEGO for the development of the new films!


The negotiations for the return of the LEGO the Warner Bros. the Universal Pictures they started out in the media, and in December of 2019 at the latest, and now today (September 23) that the agreement has been confirmed by the studio.

One of the most lucrative franchises it seems it’s for a new house.

The producer Dan Lin and the company’s Rideback continue to be in front of the new project, along with the Jill WilfertThe chief of the Entertainment and the LEGO CO.

The information that is in the THR.

Posted by 2019, An Adventure In The Lego 2 don’t have the same impact on the commercial or critical of other films, such as the first of the year 2014, and for the spin-off focused on the character of Batman, and in the fall of 2017.

An Adventure in the LEGO-2 | a CRITICAL

The agreement between the company and Warner Bros is the winner in the end of 2019 at the latest.

New movies LEGO have been announced.