“We have been touched by the beauty of our personalities,”


Ricky Gervais killed it in the video, that is shared by a number of celebrities to sing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, and in the last month, as a mark of the isolation that is caused by the multi-Covid-19.

Even though he says that “it is the intention might be good, referring to the work of Gal Gadot, the “no man’s land”, Gervais blames the participants, and that “they may be good people, they try to remain “present” at a time when they may not be in the public eye.

“The version of the song, it’s horrible, but it is possible that even they did so for good reasons, in order to help these nobodies to normal”, he starts out by saying the comedian in an interview with the BBC, “but the only thing that is going on is something like, ‘my movie is almost here, and I’m not in the tv – do I need to keep me visible’. Maybe not all, but some.

He added: “we were able to see it in their eyes: ‘how could you cry at the beauty of my personality, I’m so beautiful, why do you do this’. All of us see it – we have come to realize”.

In the video, which can be noted below, participate in, in addition to Gadot, the singer, Sia, host Jimmy Fallon and actors Will Ferrell, Jamie Dornan, and Natalie Portman, among many others.

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