Why is that Henry Cavill will not be Wolverine in The Marvel comics 2? The Canaltech explain


You must have come here from Monday to Friday (2) under the “news” that the design of Henry Cavill (The man-of-Steel –, The Witcheras the next Wolverine movie, and must be submitted on the Captain Marvel 2of the Universe, Cinematic, Marvel (MCU, its acronym in English). And now today we see this type of rumor going around crazy guy lurking around the site the geek, almost every day, but that’s the rumor, and in particular, it is even more unlikely — and we can prove it to you.

You should see a page as a Heroic Hollywood blockbuster, We Got This Covered, Illuminerdi, Cosmic Wonder, and Bleeding Cool, they love to turn burburinhos on the speculation of a scandalous nature, and, from time to time, one or the other to give in — either by luck, coincidence, or because I happen to have taken the same conversation, within today’s hectic halls of the industry.

The Witcher (Still Picture Playback/Netflix)

However, this time around, things went out of control and was lost in the speed with which a fake news, you can make your promo go viral in a very short time.

How does this story begin?

Well, in August of 2019 at the latest, to the Cosmic Book News, who invented, Henry Cavill, and Dwayne Johnson, the present-day Superman, and Adam is the Black man in the Universe-Extended-DC (DCEU, in its acronym in English), respectively, are in the sights of Marvel Studios. At that time, they were also tied to the role of the Agent of the American and the sub-mariner, and the idea has not been taken over by a lot of people, but that rumor was echoing in the background.

Image: Play Cosmic Book News

This rumor always comes up, when Warner Bros. and Cavill talk about their projects, especially when they are asked to think about the next participation of the Man of Steel and the DCEU, show not knowing what’s going to happen to the character. With the success of the The jokerhowever , the arrival of the Birds of Prey: harley quinn, and her Emancipation is Fantabulosathe premiere of the animated Superman: Red Sonthe close proximity of the Wonder Woman: 1984 (4-year), and director Zack Snyder talking about it the whole time on the court in the Justice league of americathe DC Movies have been a lot of evidence that starting in the year 2020.

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Only Natural, then, that people want to know the future of Cavill as Superman, even more so now that he is in the spotlight after an unexpected success, with The Witcherin the Series. So, on the 28th of February, the staff of Just Jared is not held up, and came out running, with no clue whatsoever what the actor would be moving in to the MCU, and as in Force at the Captain Marvel 2 (2022).

A lot of people believed in this rumour, and it came out in the sharing for here. And that’s viralizou fully, because the channels of YouTube, began to spread on the fake-news content with video, which has gained the support of an image is the conceptual one created by the artist Bosslogic.

However, this is only a speculation with no evidence whatsoever to support it.

That’s not going to happen

To begin with, you just have to look in the back: Henry Cavill as an Agent for the American? Dwayne Johnson as Namor? As we all know, who goes to live with John Walker, the Agent of the American one, in the MCU, and will, Wyatt, Russell, who comes to the ending of the recording The hawk and the man of war in Winterseries , which debuted in August at Disney and a+. Already, Johnson has made it a point to say, ” in November, 2019 at the latest, which is the sound of Adam Black will begin soon, and he wasn’t going to switch off of the image of the villain from the DCEU right now.

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In the second place, Just Jared and many other sites, you should have taken advantage of a journal is announced for April in order to feed the rumor to be unfounded. In the edition of 17 Captain Marvelfrom the Marvel Comics, bring on the cover, Carol Danvers, Wolverine, a partner in the plot, which also involves Jessica Jones, the Woman in the Spider-man, Monica Rambeau, and Hazmat.

Captain Marvel #17, which comes out in April. (Picture: Play/Marvel Comics)

It should be noted that at no time is there mention of a source or link of the vehicle that is trusted, not even the quotes you bring new information to anyone else. In addition to that, Warner Bros. wants to take a break from the franchise for Superman to re-evaluate their role in the DCEU, and set the tone for a sequel or a reboot, but I’d like to, in the meantime, take advantage of the character in other productions — for example, what happens to the Hulk in the MCU, and in the Arrowverse in the channel CODE. The Man of Steel is now listed to appear in the After capturing 2 of (April 2022), and you can give it to the guys at the other shops.

Himself, Henry Cavill has said in previous interviews that you’re not quite ready to stop being the character and, with the success of the The Witcherwill most likely be taken up with Geralt of Rivia in the next five years — and it can be even more so, if it is confirmed by Warner Bros, in any of the title from the DCEU.

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Marvel wants a “fresh face” in the role of Wolverine.

The chief of the MCU, Kevin Feige, has said more than once that the idea is to come up with something new for the X-Men. Marvel Studios comes to the spreading of the mutants to just a few, in a wide range of attractions, and it is likely that the most famous characters from this corner to that the first time they appear, even in the The New Mutants (his debut at the beginning of April. For a guy known for only a would come in, Marvel Studios is in the year 2022, with the possibility of a Rogue to be a villain in the Captain Marvel 2 what’s a lot more likely to happen to you. And so far, none of the narratives that lead up to a possible script for the heroine of the space you would have to do with the involvement of Him — not to mention that you enter a property that is so important in a reduced role would be a full plate for the criticism of the fans.

Image: Play/Marvel Comics

On top of that, Feige would be lining up fast, participate, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman in the Doctor Strange, in the Reign of the Madness (may 2021), in the grounds of the Canon in the MCU — quite possibly the one that will house all of which was released by Fox Films. This would be a way to pay tribute to the work we have done in the past to connect in some way with the movie of X-Men ever released in the MCU, and to pass on the baton to others, who would be younger and possibly not tied for the other super-heroes in the movies.

Well, as you can see, even though a lot of people liked the idea, and the chances of Cavill to go into the MCU, and even more to Laura, and, at worst, in the Captain Marvel 2it is nearly zero.