Will Smith, bill half a million dollars for a video of the TikTok


The platform is TikTok turned into a higher fever, on the internet, in the last few days. The new social network that consists of short movie clips up to 60 seconds, and a lot of fun is taking more and more of the internet users.

Pabllo Vittar it will be the first artist to do a live, in-TikTok

Of course, the world famous has also joined that bandwagon and in addition to getting you closer to your fans and to show you all of the warmth and openness in records in order to earn money for your posts here.

Will Smith is a celebrity who makes money off of the TikTok, according to the website of Online Casinos. It now has more than 21.5 million followers and more than 108 million of cured accumulated in your videos.

The daughter of Will Smith, has head shaved by her boyfriend. See you!

The daughter of Will Smith, you will be 24 hours trapped in a box. Understand!

Because of this, he has to win around 107,5 billion dollars, which is the equivalent of around 586,7 billion in real, per-post, sponsored that is on the shelf.

Just then there is Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, has 20.4 million followers, and about 100 million of liking losses, which causes him to win some of The$ 102 thousand (R$ 556,7 thousand).

The other famous who have joined the social network, and also the greatest potential for gain is Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, and the band is in the K-pop BTS skytrain station.

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Orlando Brown has accused Will Smith of being raped

Those who do not remember the episode and The Visions of the Raven, on the Disney? As it is, it’s inclusive, yet it is repeated in a number of channels. But the thing here is that Orlando Brown, famous for having played Eddie in the series, Disney, was, Will, Smith, from raping him.

A video is circulating on social media and he claims that he suffered for the crime when he was a child. He has yet to complete, saying they want to cut off the neck band every time he sees it.

“You raped me when I was a kid, and still try to go for it! What do you mean? I’m sitting here, every time I see you, I want to cut off your neck!”, yelled at Brown.

However, he also stated that the sexual assault was planned by Michael Jackson, and that he, in fact, it would be a lost son of the King of Pop.

The history of the Orlando-Brown-in addition to the achievement of The Visions of the Raven, is not the most quiet. He was arrested for possession of drugs, domestic violence, as well as being arrested for driving drunk with his girlfriend, pregnant woman in the passenger seat.

The year 2014 has been one of the most heavy duty on the non-controversial, given that he has been arrested for breaking into the apartment of a woman and threatening her and her son from death.

As if that wasn’t enough, Orlando also had a sex tape leaked in which he appears having sex with a girl.