With the tracheotomy! Val Kilmer is severely weakened by the cancer in the throat of the World –


Val Kilmer, for 60 years, and has become well-known for his / her participation in the ‘Top Gun, alongside Tom Cruise, it is several years away from public life. She returned to promote her biography.

What is seen is not aging, does not go unnoticed to anyone else. His health problems began about five years ago, when he was in the audience that would have otherwise been admitted to the hospital because of it “a tumor“.
The Hollywood star who made it to Jim Morrison in ‘theThe Doors’, in 1991, and has also done ‘Batman Forever’ in 1995, the released ‘I’m Your Huckleberry’, a book that is causing controversy.

Val Kilmer takes over the fight against the cancer in his throat.

Especially because he reveals his love affair with Angelina Jolie. Says the actor, who he maintained an affair with this american before her have fallen in love with Brad Pitt.

But Jolie isn’t the only woman to be seduced by Val Kilmer. Cher and Cindy Crawford were also on the list of girlfriends of the actor, who is now you can only talk to you through the cannula, which has at the neck.

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