‘You’re going to need a uniform to the will of the majority


This is the time of the quarantine and social isolation in order to contain the progress of the new coronaviruses it is difficult for the whole world, even to the Cat Woman. In an interview with the Vanity Fair, Zoe Kravitzwho will interpret the character in The Batmansaid he had a tough time with the workout, it was during this period of time.

In accordance with the Kravitz“it’s not as if the studio had me hooked, and said: ‘no, engorde, a cow’. But I’ve been training for the last four or five months, and in the first few weeks of self-quarantine.” It is also reminiscent of the “you have sent a message to the director of the[[Matt Reeves]by saying, ‘Maybe we’re going to need to make the costume of the cat-some of the larger sizes when this runs out'”.

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Even with the difficulty in maintaining the form of the Cat Womanshe is happy to be in the way, that’s all it is. “In fact [o novo treino] it has been very good for my health and mental well-being. And the type of food, the only thing that I have been, and the wine bring me joy in the moment,” he said Kravitz. “So, I’d definitely like something that I want to do. But I’m also trying to get a body of decent, so I don’t have to start all over again from scratch.

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