Youtuber James, Charles, suffers from the threats of a driver of the Uber in the us


James, Charles (Photo: Playback/Instagram)
James, Charles (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

One of the youtubers well known in the world James, Charles he was the victim of a threat of aggression ” on Friday (the 27th), during a tour of the You canon Tuesday , the United States of america.

Through his Twitter profile, the driver asked for help for the tax’s application, and was informed that he was verbally harassed and physically threatened by a driver.

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“Hey! One of the drivers in the Orlando area just call on me and my staff of idiots,, p., and threatened to beat us. Please contact me as soon as possible,” wrote James.

A short time later, the company has responded to the publication of a youtuber, and he said, “We take this very seriously. Please take a look at, please send them via DM (direct message) with your e-mail address, and phone number for us to talk as fast as we can.”

For the purpose of addressing instances of bullying and harassment during the runs of the application, here in Brazil, the You have been working on a campaign for the reduction of damage toopened recently in a new code of conduct for its employees.

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