6 November : birthday of Emma Stone


6 in November, it’s the 310.Th day of the year in the gregorian calendar 311.Nd in leap years). On this day you were born, the actress Sally Field, Leona Cavalli and Emma Stone, the actor Ethan Hawke, and model Daniella Cicarelli.

It was on the 6th day of November, in the year 1964, the 74-year-old, who has passed away, Anita Malfatti, one of the most important artists of the plastic in brazil in the first phase of the modern movement. It has played an important part in the “Week of Modern Art” in 1922, where he exhibited his work.

The day was marred when, in 1962, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution condemning the policy of the the apartheid era in South Africa, and has requested that all member states of the UN to lift the relations to a military and economic ties with the nation.

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Birth art

1946 – Sally Field, american actress.

1969— Leona Cavalli, brazilian actress. (Photo)

1970 – Ethan Hawke, american actor.

1972 – Rebecca Romijn, american actress.

1973 — Dudu Nobre, a brazilian singer.

1988 – Emma Stone, american actress.

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Birth: celebrities and prominent figures

1910 — Miguel Reale, a philosopher, and a lawyer from brazil (m., 2006).

1978 – Daniella Cicarelli, a model and a tv presenter. (Photo)

1987 — Ana Ivanovic, a former professional tennis player of serbia.

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1964 – Anita Malfattiher modernist movement in brazil (n. 1896) (Photo)

2013— Jorge Dória, brazilian actor (number 1920).

Historical events:

1817— Marriage of the emperor dom Pedro I (king Pedro IV of Portugal), with the empress on Monday.

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In 1844 The Dominican Republic became independent from Haiti.

The year 1892 Opened up the road to the Tea, and in the Vale do Anhangabaú, in São Paulo, brazil.

1913 — Gandhi is arrested while leading a march of miners and the indians who worked in the republic of South Africa.

In 1962 The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning the policy of the the apartheid era in South Africa, and calls for all UN member-states put an end to the relations of military and economic ties with the nation.

1985 — In Colombia, the guerrillas, left-wing of the Movement, the 19th of April, to take control of the Palace of Justice in Bogota, killing 115 people, 11 of them Supreme Court justices.

Holidays and events:

The National day of the encounter

The National day of the Friend of the Brazilian Navy.

The anniversary of the city of Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais

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