After the outburst, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, is traveling with the child to provide a “one-time” to his wife in the quarantine: “it Is a chaos of huge


It is not easy to take care of four little children… In the last week, Kanye West had to travel to Wyoming, in the United States, to provide a “one-time” in the Kim Kardashian. To be in full quarantine for all in-house, on account of the coronavirus, and the rapper took the kids for a walk, giving the business a three-day respite from the “chaos”.

“They are [crianças] in need of fresh air and he wanted to take a break from the Kim’s of the chaos in the house. To have all four kids in the house, and at the same time, it’s just a little too much”revealed an insider to the E! News. With this, an apprentice to a lawyer, placed the study in a day: “Kim has been studying and working hard at it. They make the shifts at work and watch the kids. Both of them are busy working and making sure that they give breaks to one another.”.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have to give an account of the four sons of the North (6), St (4) Illinois (2), and Ps (11 months ago). (Photo: Getty Images/Playback/Instagram)

The People also gave details on the relay for the couple Kardashian-West. “It is a chaotic muddle, with all of the children in the house. The one He gives you a fugidinha to his office to take a break from work. He also makes time for Kim on the last end of the week, when he took some of the children in Wyoming. They are all taking turns caring for the children.”said another source. Kim and Kanye are the owners of the two properties, the Wyoming – therefore, the song must have made a quick visit there as well.

But, according to E! News, and the routine of them continues very busy in their social isolation. “It’s a mixture of concern for the work of the school and to keep them entertained and occupied. All of you are helping to do their part, while the balance of his work. It is a period that deeply stirred, and they’ve been trying to find ways of dealing with the situation for the family, “ said an insider.

In the midst of the chaos, there’s still time to take advantage of the child in the home of the Kardashians-West (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Most recently, Kim has already had desabafado a makeup tutorial on the “persecution” of their children. “I’m tucked away in a room for the visits, folks! Tucked away in a room to visit again. Why my kids won’t let me do it by myself”he said. And guess what just?! The North West, I was listening to all of it! Lol “Oh, that’s nasty!”she commented that she is in the background. But the mother has given her a way to control the patience in the midst of the boredom of small. Take a look at:

The quarantine can be exhausting… But it’s important to you – and they know it!