Amber Heard explains that the reason for assaulting his Wife


Johnny Depp (Photo: Handout)

The legal battle between the Amber Heard and her ex-husband, his Wife seems to have no end. After the audio leaked to the star Aquaman assaulted by the actor, she said, once again, that he was the victim in the relationship. Accused of assault, and is even banned from the new Pirates of the Caribbean, according to his claim, he filed a libel suit against Heard, with evidence that it is the assediava physically and emotionally.

The fans didn’t like it at all, and was asked by the head of the Amber Heard in the Warner Bros, opening it up to even an online petition for it to be taken out of the Tempest 2, and to be replaced by Emilia Clarke, from Game Of Thrones. But for now, she gave a statement confessing to that is just hit Wife physically only once, in march of 2015 in order to protect her sister, Whitney Heard, to be thrown down the stairs by the actor.

“Once you get in a rage, he started destroying the personal possessions throughout the house, including my personal belongings in the locker. My sister, Whitney, was there, and when Johnny jumped over to beat me up, She put it between us.” Johnny turned to her, and that she was at the top of a flight of stairs, and went in.

“By acting in defense of my life, as I have had a fear for her physical safety, I have taken a punch to the face from Johnny’s to take their attention away from it. This is the only time that I hit Johnny. At this point, the safety and security of the home, intervened and separated them,”she wrote in a report, to be presented to the court of the county of Fairfax, in Virginia. They were attached to the case, screen shots of a conversation between Whitney houston and Kevin Murphy, the security of the house of the ex-couple, but in the conversation, there is no mention about a Wife trying to strike it out. Even though She has only acted in self-defence, the two sides have already missed a lot due to the publicity of the case.

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