Baby-Katy-Perry-it can be Domênico. Understand!


Most recently, Katy Perry has announced that she is pregnant with her first child, as a result of her relationship with Orlando Bloom.

The news took fans by surprise and has caused an uproar on the web. A web site, did a front-page headline playing with her pregnancy, the singer was the Love of a Mother, of the Globo tv Network.

“Lourdes is suspicion that the son-of-Katy-Perry-is Domênico,” he said in the text.

For those who don’t know, the plot of the overall Lourdes (played by Regina Casé) is in search of his son Domênico, who was sold when she was just two years old.

The actress herself took to the event in your account in Instagram.

“6 months + 28 years old + clip + soap opera = Domênico! That’s for sure! I’ve always thought Orlando Bloom is a piece of bread (Lourdes),” she wrote.

Quickly, the publication received thousands of cured.

The love of a Mother’s Love handle Song against Betina

The confirmation

It began as a thriller, went for the speculation to come to you for confirmation. On Wednesday (4) Katy Perry has released the teaser trailer for the Never Worn White as their new music video. In the pictures, she appears, pregnant, stroking his belly. All the more reason for fans to infer that bassanio returns to a real pregnancy.

On Thursday (5), and that she herself has confirmed, in a live, on her profile in Instagram: he is waiting for his first child and the pregnancy is in the sixth month. The artist has said that her baby must be born during the summer.

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I pointed out that it was very difficult to hide the secret from everyone for so long.

“I have always been a mother, and the mother of the KatyCats, but now it’s going to be something much more serious,” she said.

Katy Perry has revealed that exchanges messages with a ” – Taylor Swift