Bella Thorne makes a make-up hoopla of Halloween and it’s divided the opinions of the netizens ‘ Protest, or Glamourização?


Bella Thorne has seen his name involved in a controversy. After being widely criticized for leading to an x-rated movie, the former star of Disney’s the shared opinion of the users on account of the make-up that you’ve chosen to do for the Day.

It all started after the actress posted a photo gallery with a few clicks that would come with the lip cut off, and the nose and chin red. Many of the followers believed that the star would have been beaten, but in the caption it cautioned: “I want to recruit for your make-up for Halloween, and I’ll help you.”

“Oh my God, it looks very realcommented one fan. “My heart just stopped. I was angry, thinking that somebody was you beaten up”he wrote a friend about her.

However, this was not the reality of the make, which has caused controversy on the internet, and, yes, it is. In the comments of Instagram, and on Twitter, some followers have criticized the actress for “glamour is the physical abuse of women.”

“That glamorize the abuse of the physical that is culturally appropriate for the upcoming Halloween?”financial crisis in a site. “Looks like domestic violence to me.”she completed the other. “You spend much of that make-up’s Bella Thorne, wasn’t it”, skewered with a follower of the show.

“I don’t understand the point of it. She’s trying too hard to be a woman, who?”financial crisis is a huge fan following. “Is it that you make it to the Bella Thorne made it to the dictionary, is the aggression? What do you mean????”, and he was angry with the other user’s Twitter page.

On the other hand, other netizens believe that the publication of this would indeed be a cause for alarm. “It is to protest for the women who are abused and sexualizadas on this date.”he talked to a fan. “I don’t see anything wrong with this pattern. Halloween is about scary stuff. Nothing is more frightening than physical abuse,”was completed , the other a follower.

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The images also raised questions about the health of a muse. Some of the followers believed that their injuries would be real, and that Thorne was being ironic in his legend. “I hope that this is the same make-up and not the real thing”, wanted a big fan.

“Girl, this is really a make-up? Because it seems too real, and I want to get revenge on those who did this to you” asked another user of the social network.

Bella posted the image on June 29, but was unable to express an opinion on the impact of the event.