Bizarre attitude to fashion: Halsey wore a ring with a tooth that looks like a human being. Hi?


The singer shared the accessory of the unusual on his Instagram

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It seems that fashion has no limits when it comes to bizarre attitude of fashion, and Halsey demonstrated that the use of the accessory in the most unexpected of all times, an o-ring with human teeth that seems to be true.

The singer shared a photo of the item in your Instagram Stories at the end of the week, and it showed more of the detail of the piece, which has a small, ~claw~ silver plated, which hold the tooth in addition to a blue stone encrusted in the middle of what appears to be a molar.

Halsey, showing the ring which has a prong with a blue stone in the middle

Halsey, showing the ring which has a prong with a blue stone in the middle (Instagram Stories/Play)

In the caption, she wrote, “I won’t smile, but-I’ll-show-you-my-teeth” (something like: “I’m not going to smile about it, but I will show you my teeth” in Spanish), a reference to the song A Nightmare. The singer did not reveal whether the eye that has graced the ring of truth hope you don’t! Hehe, but he left his fans, the curious and the perplexed with the possibilities. Just look at the comments that have rolled in on Twitter:

My questions are: – is this the tooth that is true or not? And, if so, to whom it belongs to? And where did you get it? And why would you put him in the ring? I’m very confused,” joked one user.

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“It’s ok, the Halsey has a o-ring out with a wisdom tooth in it? I’m confused,” said one fan.

“Who is this tooth, and how did you get it? The lady Halsey, I have so many questions,” joked another.

And there were those who liked the accessory, and stood up with the intention of having an equal value. “Not wanting to be obvious, but it is the o-ring with one of the teeth of the Halsey, this is pretty cool. How do I get one of these?”, he spoke to a visitor.

What do you think of this accessory ~diferentão~?