Blac Chyna would have tried to kill Rob Kardashian’s double


Blac Chyna continues to deny in court that she hit in 2016), Rob Kardashian. His legal team has denied it recently, the allegations, insisting that she would never hit her again from the Kardashians, and accusing Rob of making up stories to hurt her.

According to court documents, at the beginning of the process that Rob has admitted to never having been hit by Chyna. In addition to this, he would have said that there has been no domestic violence between them. As for the allegations that she pulled a gun on him, the legal team of the Blac said that this was done ‘so glamorous’.

Rob Kardashian wants her friends to Blac Chyna deposing against him or her

The representation of a Director, quickly responded: “The physical assault of Blac Chyna’s, Rob Kardashian has been witnessed by many persons, each of whom filed affidavits in support of the Director,” he said to the lawyer, the businessman, He was a Singer in a recent interview with the New York Post.

“Chyna don’t make any effort to refute the statements of these witnesses, because that is impossible. Chyna and her attorney know that this witness confirmed that she was brutally attacked in return, and pointed a gun to his head and threatened to kill him. The witness also confirmed that the Director had suffered contusions, bruises and scratches,” he continued.

Rob Kardashian wins the battle against the friend, Blac Chyna

Prior to this, in return, accused Blac, to be the person before you attack him with a pole, a wire of 2 meters during one of their discussions by December 2016. “The erratic conduct of, Chyna is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was to physically assault, Rob, and cause significant property damage,” he said in the court documents, noting that “it took a large quantity of champagne, Moet Rose (her favorite drink) and coke’.

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Blac Chyna may be pregnant with third child

Rob Kardashian claimed on the documents that they ‘feared for her life when she pulled a gun on him

“Chyna pointed a gun at the head of the Rob, and threatened to kill him while he was on a call to the built-in FaceTime. Blac supposedly appeared behind Rob, he rolled up a battery charger to your iPhone in the back of his neck and began to strangle him, using all of the power out of it,” it claims.

“As a result of the attack and, in return, suffered scratches, abrasions, and bruises, in addition to emotional suffering,” says the document. In addition to this, Rob, ‘I didn’t know if the gun was loaded when she pointed it out twice to his head and threatened to kill him, and he thought that Chyna would actually do it.

The depression has made Rob Kardashian’s wish to commit suicide

The case is still in court, and the two shall meet again soon, on account of such claims.

The affidavit and the witness

Rob Kardashian is ready to be able to save the complete your daughter’s Dream’s Images on the grounds that the ex-bride and ex-stripper Blac Chyna is not a person is fit to care for the child due to his alleged drug and alcohol abuse.

To this end, according to the site of The Blast, in return, is willing to pay for it, the friends of their ex, the ones for porn and playmates Karissa and Kristina Shannon to testify in his favor, against Chyna.

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Rob Kardashian loses a lawsuit in court against the Blac Chyna

The brother of Kim Kardashian, filled out the papers at the court in January, prompting the judge to the guard, without obligation to your daughter to Dream, three years ago, saying that Chyna is not a good mother.

And as you build your case, Rob, and his lawyer is trying to take the testimony of the friends of your ex, which is known as ‘The Shannon Twins’, that is to say that Chyna ‘is still abusing drugs and partying a lot near her daughter.

“Karissa and Kristina Shannon and believe that to Dream, I would be better off with Kris Jenner and the Kardashians,” a source in the Blast. Do you think that the best thing to do is to tell the truth, and to make sure that the Dream you are in a safe environment”.

The mother of Blac Chyna get married for the sixth time

The younger sister of Rob, Khloe Kardashian’s, you’ll also bear witness, and to argue that Chyna ‘constantly brings strangers into the house, and it is almost always a drunk’.

He hopes to be able to your ex be the only site visits-assisted with the Dream.

The former couple went their separate ways from time to time in 2017 at the earliest, after leaving together for about a year.