Brad Pitt, he is the one the video is completely changed, and it is aged


After winning the academy award, and several awards in the film industry for his role in ‘once upon a time in Hollywood’ Brad Pitt has decided to get away for a little bit of a camera and share it with your family.

However, the actor has resurfaced to take part in a short clip from a web-based program that is hosted by John Krasinski ‘DATA’.

In the video, broadcast on YouTube, ” John says, and they’re broadcasting from the International Space Station, so he asks for a break to talk about the weather. Pitt, 56 years of age, appears, and is in charge of checking all the time.

He goes out on the balcony of his parents ‘ house, staring at the sky and saying, “that looks … pretty good, yes.” One of the things that has surprised all the users of social media, it’s the fact that it was the star of the ‘Fight Club’ appear to have changed.

A comment on the post, he said: “Brad didn’t seem to be very good, I hope he doesn’t drink again during that period of quarantine.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up at the end of 2016. It would seem that the problems of the booze of the actor was a big part of their problems. Also, in a fight with the eldest son of the couple and Maddox, it was the drop that spilled the cup.

Source: Levi Martinez / Publimetro.

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