Brad Pitt helps in the making, the reform of the house


Brad Pitt it maintains a close friendship with Jean Blacktheir certified makeup artist, with whom she has worked for more than 25 years. “It’s like a family, we are like brothers and sisters. This is a person that I value a lot in my life.”said the actor, 56-year-old, who wanted to show their appreciation to retire to the garage and to the house of Black, so as to convert it into a studio.

To do this he had the help of a Drew and Jonathan Scottthe famous twins that have the program My Dream Homein which are devoted to the renewing of the houses. Now you have started a new edition of a VIP in the form of Brad Pitt as the first guest.

After the recording of the program, Jonathan has excelled in the humility of the actor. And if you go to the members of the team, the case by name, took it upon himself to thank each and every one for making this surprise a reality. He was a true gentleman,”, he said.

Already, Drew has stressed that the “it’s amazing to see that people are extremely successful, don’t forget the people who helped them get there.”. This is the case for Jean Black, who previously worked with Pitt in the more than forty Hollywood productions.

The actor has been working with the twins, Scott, for three weeks in the renovation of the villa, and Jean Black in Santa Monica, Calif., as a certified makeup artist I was enjoying the holidays. Equipped with safety goggles, hammers, and other tools such as Brad Pitt, and devoted himself to working side-by-side with the rest of the team.

In the end, he qualified for the job “amazing,” and “it’s great”after looking at the space, in addition to a studio, make-up has a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen.