Brad Pitt turns into a boy’s time in the program’s “good news”; see


The Pitt program for John Krasinski

It seems that the vault is not easy, neither for the Brad Pittand the award-winning actor that had to do with a bill like a boy’s time at the newspaper online!!!

All kidding aside, the most recent winner of the academy award for Best Actor in a Supporting role for her work in the Once upon A Time in… Hollywood took part of the all-time great show Some Good Newsthat has been controlled by the John Krasinski (The Office, All Year Roundin these times of the years.

Brad has met with the excellence of their work. When John is called by its participation, asking for information on the weather, he replies, without batting an eye: “it Looks very, very good. It’s this one.” What a professional, huh!

You can check out the full program in the video below, and the appearance of the Mall is roughly at 6:50 am.

Brad Pitt, in the year-long