Brussels has law climtica’, j, which has been criticised by Greta Thunberg – of the International


The European Commission has published on Wednesday its design for the “law climtica”, in order to establish the purpose of the neutrality of carbon by the year 2050. But it advertises itself as the first step in a free country and j is described as a “capitulao” the young activist Greta Thunberg.

In this instance, the Swedish took part in the meeting of the Executive committee this morning, in a sign of the note’s unusual on the part of the Commission.

“The law is climtica the traduo jurdica of our commitment to the poltico, and that puts us forever in the path to a brighter future for sustentvel,” said the president of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, stated in a press release.

In a reao language rather crtica, But he said that the EU’s attempts to create laws, and polticas (…) to pretend that it can be a cell climtico, but it still keeps on building up and supporting the new infrastructure of the combustveis fsseis”.

Designed as a reference for all future legislaes of the European Union, the text is transcribed into the law of the ambio to a level lquido de emisses de gases de greenhouse effect is equal to zero at the end of the century – this is a equilbrio between the emisses (reduced to the max it is possible), and the absoro of carbon by the techniques of the kidnapping).

The enthusiasm of the commission contrasted with the reception of the young man who became a symbol of the fight against the changes climticas.

In an open letter published on the website the Carbon Brief, But Thunberg and others, the thirty young advocates climticos complain about the “capitulao and arrogncia” of the legislators who claim that the (its) project, at the expense of the consensus, cientfico, to solve, in some way, the biggest crisis that humanity is a j-faced”.

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The law climtica is in the center of the “Covenant of the Green” to the Commission for a estratgia de-growth sustentvel.

The ambio to achieve equilbrio de-carbon the most hotly debated in the EU. Just Polnia, where 80 per cent of its electricity comes from coal, he pointed out that it would be impossible, at this point, if you commit to it.

– “Too late.” –

The law climtica” to be, is now the subject of a dilogo legislative between the european Parliament and the eu member States.

The advocates of the climate, complain of a estratgia which relies so much on technology that is still in the have been fully developed for the capture of carbon, and enough of a eur drstica das emisses.

The term “2050 is too late,” says the environmental group Greenpeace, who designed it in the evening to have Tuesday on the front-This is the picture of a planet on fire.

And the battle promises to be bitter about in order to reduce the emisses de gases greenhouse gas emissions at the year 2030, pending in the bill that require amendment.

For many observers, the current target of -40% towards the level of the 1990s are out of date. Ursula von der Leyen, j has pledged to raise for the to 50%, or even to -55%.

At this time, however, the reflection of the est is suspended, waiting for an impact study for the summer.

The twelve member States, including France, the countries in scandinavia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the united kingdom – have called for a calendrio short, with a valuable “before 2020”.

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The EU could decide on prximas week, and provide a new target, revised up in the COP26 about the weather in Glasgow.

“The law is climtica of the european there is also a message to our international partners as well as informing them that this year is an opportunity to bring together ambies overall, in the pursuit of our common goals in to an agreement in Paris,” said Frans Timmermans, the vice-president of the executive Commission.

In addition to this, crew, pa by 2030, after five years at at at at at 2050, and to review the objectives, to adjust the trajetria from “neutral” based on the critrios cientficos. The initiative, which might annoy the United states.