But Thunberg suggests that the protests, to digital, due to the coronavirus

With the arrival of the Swedish Greta Thunberg requested that the next protests in the wake-up call to the dangers of climate change are global, the digital, and not statements to the public, as usual. On Twitter, she wrote, on the 4th Thursday, or 11.the sea) to more than 4 million followers to avoid the mass of people, while respecting the guidance of the health experts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

From 2018, But with the age of 17, inspired millions of young people all over the world to get out of school and hit the streets at 6 trade shows a protest in the favor of the climate, and the movement of so-called “Fridays are the Future”. Now, with coronavirus, it suggests that in the next few weeks, the movement to change the strategy, and calls for the activists to be able to post pictures on the internet, with its billboards, using hashtags such as #DigitalStrike and #ClimateStrikeOnline.

“We, as young people, we are the least affected by this virus, but it is essential for us to act in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable and in the best interests of our society and to the commonshe wrote on the social networking site.

But he also added that the “the climate crisis and the green is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced, but for the time being (it is, of course, it depends on where you live), you will need to find new ways to raise public awareness and to advocate for changes that don’t involve a great multitude of people”.

In the last week, But sharply criticized the draft law, presented by the European Commission in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. She has accused the EU of “faking it” want to occupy a leading position worldwide in climate protection. The girl said that even though the “disregard it” in science, the EU hopes that its plan to “will, in some way, the biggest crisis that humanity has ever faced”.

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