Camila Cabello finds it ‘exhausting’ to his relationship with Shawn Mendes


Camila Cabello is happy to be on the side of the boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, but the singer is said to be in love ‘this is exhausting’.

Cabello and Mendes, began a relationship in 2019 at the latest, after the return of a friendship, which led to a full-length novel in the past, and that was the inspiration for the latest album, her love for her.

For the Overall Awards in the year 2020, in London this week, with the artist, which won the award for the Best Female, and even sang to the audience, he acknowledged in a conversation with the radio on Britain’s Capital FM is to be in a relationship, it is ‘comprehensive’.

That’s because the couple, sometimes you don’t have the time to be together, or they just don’t want to do anything else, just each other’s company.

“Being in love is exhausting, it takes a lot from you… we were not able to go back to the studio. We are trying to get us to calm down,” he said.

When asked if she’s planning on doing any other collaborations, to the musical with her boyfriend, she mused: “I don’t want to, we want to go further, but we are in the last 20 years,” he said, giving them to understand that their schedules are too busy to do so.

Camila Cabello wins the surprise party by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello make a table of the stage at the festival


Camila Cabello has completed more than a year of life on Monday (03), and then at the age of 23, and, of course, Shawn Mendes, the girlfriend, did not miss the chance to please her and surprise her.

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The singer flew straight to London to celebrate with your loved one on the day of her and prepared a surprise party for the Wife, which had Appeared, a remake of the musical she’s writing in the United Kingdom.

Further, according to the website, ET Online, the celebration brought together all the co-stars of Cabello, the director of the film, Kay Cannon, has shared a series of photos from the festival, as well as in the couple with a smile.

“Camila Cabello arrived at the age of 23 today! Celebration in the style of Cinderella’s carriage. Congratulations, You Are Hot!!!!!”, he wrote in the caption.

In between the clicks, the one in the shoe of a giant crystal as a decoration, a symbol of the film.

In the Stories of Instagram’s own video, it was possible to give more of an homage to Her: the cake was based on a carriage of a pumpkin.

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