Camila Cabello says that the Hannah Montana and High School Musical, have been an inspiration to be the singer reveals how he overcame the nervousness on the stage


On Thursday, the 20th of February, it was announced by Vogue, a video of 73 questions to ask Camila Cabello. She was in her home, in the fields of England, which is used to make it, in the environment of “Cinderella”, the fairy tale that they will do a remake of the film.

The interview was quite long, but some parts of it, but interesting to remind of the very beginnings of when he began to identify with the world of classical music. To her, it’s Hannah Montana and High School Musical was the biggest inspiration.

I was a big fan of the Disney Channel. Before you get cable TV, I thought it was the best thing. After that, I’ve had it, I found out that it was the same! The type, The Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana and High School Musical is the reason why I’m here, I’m in my own movie on the Disney Channel,” he said.

She also said that to make his audition for the reality show X-Factor, and that was when we really found out that I could be a performer. “This is the first time I sang in front of lots of people, I was so shy, I had never sung it nor does my family. I realized that it would be far from ideal, but I couldn’t do it without passing out”.

It is also reflected, as he found the best way to get over your nervousness when you get up on the stage. “I have to go through the very nerve to do that, my friend, and transforming it into fuel. It was the one thing that I’ve really had to learn how to do that in the past few years, and I still get super nervous before, but now I’m in control”.

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Watch the full interview: