Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson enjoy Copacabana beach


On Sunday (5), it was a one-day tour of the Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro, for Cara Delevingne, and Ashley Benson. A couple of actresses who took on the relationship in June of 2019 at the latest, after the rumors of a possible affair, and they went to the country in order to enjoy the new Year’s eve, and gave it increased in the stay to become acquainted with the sights of the city.

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson enjoyed a few days in the city of Rio de Janeiro to get to know the city

Wearing clothes that are comfortable, and they walked barefoot in the sand, in the midst of the years, and has also walked hand in hand along the shoreline, and are always accompanied by a security guard.

The Hacker that is responsible for the ‘breakdown’ of Cara Delevingne, and Ashley Benson

Love them, they have been traveling together for different parts of the world. In December, on the anniversary of 30 years of ezra taft Benson, and the two have visited Morocco, and the Delevigne did it come as a surprise to your loved one with a hot air balloon trip, and everything in between.

The two have taken the relationship in June of 2019

“I was surprised on my 30th birthday. Morocco has always been a place that I wanted to get to know. I have seen and faced so many fears, and I embarked on a new adventure with my best friend by my side. I could not have asked for anything better. I love you @caradelevingne. Thank you for making my birthday the best one yet”, legendou the star of the now finished the series Pretty Little Liars.

Sweet love

Cara Delevingne has decided to take advantage of the 30th anniversary of Ashley Benson for you, via Instagram, to share a beautiful, whimsical love letter to his girlfriend.

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On this occasion, the famous, the model also posted several photos of herself, including some in which the two appear to enjoy romantic walks.

In the text, which he did, the Guy also ended up revealing some of the names that have chosen to call Ashley.

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson! Find out all about the couple!

“Happy birthday, Ashley Benson. There’s a lot I can tell you, it’s something you really love and appreciate about us is that you don’t have to, because, YOU KNOW, and that’s all that matters. We are, you and I, in my all-time favorite, my safe place. Will you let me be silly, you drive me wild-you keep me free, safe, and very curious. I feel I get to know you your whole life, and I am so proud to see you become the woman you’ve always dreamt of being. I love you beyond words, my confection, ‘choonchi’, the face of angel’s, the cheeks, the sweet, never boring, ‘buttmunch’, mrs. Benson,” he said to her.

They spent new Year's eve in the capital city

A good relationship

In an interview with the program’s Name.The News, in 2019 at the latest, Cara Delevingne has made it clear that he feels like ‘the girl is the most lucky girl in the world’ for the sake of his girlfriend Ashley Benson.

The model and actress, 27-year-old has claimed that he or she is grateful for her partner to be “less favourable” to all the things that she does, and I could not be more happy because of it.

“It’s so nice to have someone in my life who support me so much and he loves me. I am a girl is the most lucky girl in the world”, explained, adding that the relationship is better than it has ever been.

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The guy has received the award in Girl Up’s #GirlHero by 2019 at an event in Beverly Hills on Sunday (the 13th), and I was proud to be recognized by the organization, which promotes the leadership of women in the developing world, through their work with the community for the LGBTQ.

“It’s a really big deal for me. Especially because I don’t think that’s a Girl Up is an organization that is so amazing,” he said upon receiving the recognition.

The star of the Moment Row, he asked, who are fighting for a voice, his identity, that “honor” to themselves, even though it may be “difficult”.

Asked about the advice she would provide, she said, “Just knowing that everyone in the world has the same problem. I mean, some people think it’s easy, but everyone has gone through this kind of a second thought, such as ‘Am I right? I? How?’… It is a time and a place that’s very difficult to be in. But at the end of the day, if you love yourself, and you need to honor to be able to talk to and have confidence in who you are.”

And the Guy that pointed out that “identity does not need to be fixed, since that is the most important thing is “be honest'”.

“This is the only way to find her family. We have all of our immediate family that we are born with, but all of we, our family, our tribe, where we belong. So, the only way to do this is, to be honest. And even if you don’t hit it, even if you do find out that you identify yourself this way, but once you switch to the other, it doesn’t matter. It is not something that should be fixed. It is a fluid”, justifiou.

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Cara Delevingne declares to Ashley Benson: ‘My safe place’