Chris Hemsworth gives a lap baby koala bear during a visit to an NGO in Australia


Reproduction/InstagramThe star of Hollywood, has visited an institution, which helped in the rescue of animals affected by the bushfires in Australia

Off of the Marvel comics in the last few months, and Chris Hemsworth set up a time for a visit to the NGO ‘ Friends of the Koala”), an institution that has helped in the rescue of many of the species affected by the fire at the beginning of the year in Australia.

The visit resulted in a picture of a super cute, shared by the actor on his social networking sites at the image of the “Thor” movie, gives arms to a young koala bear. As if the scene couldn’t ficae super cute, and the baby she is holding a coalinha of the toy.

The institution raises funds for the maintenance and preservation of the animals in the country. Although it is unclear the total number is estimated to be between hundreds and thousands of koalas have died-hit by the forest fires in the country, putting them directly at risk of extinction.