Chris Hemsworth is the main character in ‘the Rescue’, the action movie that is coming out on Netflix


Actor Chris Hemsworth, who was known around the world for playing the Thor movies from Marvel Studios, it can be seen, in brief, in a production that is based on the comic book. The Series will debut in the film titled the Rescue, (“Extraction”, in English).

The film was loosely based on the COMIC “the City”, 2014, written by Andy Parks and Fernando Leon Gonzalez. The plot tells the story of What a Rake (Hemsworth), a soldier of fortune, that has as a mission to rescue the son of a non-binding international law.

The cast, with David Harbour, and Jim Hooper in the hit series, is also in the Series, “Stranger Things”. The Harbour can also be seen soon in the MCU, in the movie, the Black Widow, where they will be considered in the character of Guardian of the Red.

The production of the film was Anthony Russo, and Joseph Russo. We worked on the “Upcoming Deadline”), among other works, of the MCU. The screenplay was written by Joe Russo. On the site, the CBR published an article by telling you a little bit about what can be seen in “Redemption”, the new feature film from the action of the streaming service.

The Drama

The site points out that, even though it is an action movie, the drama is in the works. Unlike the original work that was going on in the American South, the film’s action is set in the country. The other adjustment made by the film is that there is a change in the gender of the character they will be bailed out, while the HEADQUARTERS of the mercenary Tyler Rake, you need to keep a young woman in the adaptation of the Series, the mission is to rescue a young boy, the title character is played by an actor Rudhraksh Jaiswal.

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In “the Rescue”, the mercenary played by Chris Hemsworth, has to deal with her trauma in the past, when you accept the quest to rescue the boy, What a bonus. The experience of being on the side of a teenage girl will cause him to remember his son’s death.

In a recent interview with USA Today, the protagonist of the film, has said that the time spent with the teenager, will make the character realize that there’s still a sense of a greater life.

In this way, the “Bailout” will you be in a movie with lots of action, and at the same time will have a meaning.

‘The city’

In the graphic novel “Ciudad,” it is considered to be a sort of a reminiscent of european comics in the 1980s, in black-and-white, it is a narrative with a high body count. The violence is very present in the work of Andy Parks and Fernando Leon Gonzalez.

It is considered to be a cross between “The Professional” –a film that proved to the world the talents of Natalie Portman and also gave fame to the French actor Jean Reno– the “classic” 1979 “Wild for the Night” (The Warriors), and “The Identity of the Bourne”.

In addition to a lot of the action, the COMIC also makes a social commentary on the violence that seems to have no end in Latin America.

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