Chris Hemsworth tears of praise for the script of the Waititi


I Love and Thunder
I Love and lightning (Picture: Playback/Instagram – @marvel)

One of the big and highly anticipated movies of the stage, four of the Universe and the Cinematic Marvel that is I Love and Thunder. The sundance film festival and was the God of Thunder, is currently in pre-production, and it promises to be a grand, at least that’s what it indicates Chris Hemsworth in a recent interview with the guardian – The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Talking about his new film in the Series, Redemption, is the star of the Marvel comics, he said that he could not give any details about the new feature, but said that the screenplay Taika Waititi (Well the real world is wild and strange, that “Ragnarok”. Waititi, who is responsible for the direction of the third film in the franchise “Thor”, and now it returns to the command, and a write the room is a long one.

“It’s one of the best scripts I’ve read in years. It’s the Taika at the end, and at its very best. If that’s the version I’ve read is we will write, it will be crazy,” said the actor.

In an interview with the Entertainment Weeklythe writer and director also likened the “Love and Thunder”, with “Ragnarok”. “We’re throwing back to this movie for an adventure. This is what I enjoyed the most when you make the Ragnarok, and it seemed that we were just putting Me on an adventure as well as good. There are always new things to see and do, and in this one, I think we’re going to double that and get something bigger, bolder, and brighter. There will be really crazy in the movie,” said Waititi.

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In addition to Chris Hemsworth, the new film will feature the return of the Tessa Thompson in the role of a Valkyrie and a Natalie Portman Jane Fonda and the women’s version of Thor. Recently, there were a few problems Christian Bale it can be one of the newest additions to the cast. The artist of the Batman trilogy the Dark Knight is being considered to the role of the villain in the story.

I Love and Thunder you have a debut set for the day On February 18, 2022.

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