Chris Hemsworth, Thor wears the uniform of Aquaman, Jason Momoa: see


Thor and Aquaman in the game that they have in common, despite the fact that they are from different publishers, Marvel and DC. At the beginning of the century, and hardly any characters to get movies.

But, times have changed, and Thor, and Aquaman are two of the heroes of the most popular in the world. In the film, to make a success with the service of Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa.

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In an exchange of the roles of the illustrator and the digital was identified as a Jscomicart he did something that caught the attention of many fans. Chris Hemsworth, o Thor, turned out to be the Tempest.

The actor, in the Marvel comics, it has a look that resembles a cartoon version of the hero’s of the DC’s. However, after the art of the fans are to be thanked for having the, Jason Momoa in the role.

Check out the picture, it is in no way official.

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Thor and Aquaman gain a new film by the year 2022. The protagonists are Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa to return.

The character in the Marvel comics, is back in ” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder. It will be in the fourth film, land of the hero, and it is expected to take place in February from the year before.

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Meanwhile, Aquaman is a 2 comes on the CD. The film takes a longer time, and it is expected only in December 2022.