Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are all new original animation from Pixar


“Onward,” that is, with a debut scheduled for the 6th of march 2020

By: Isabella Orsini 12th December, at 19:53

Pixar has announced a new animation of the original, that is, it is not a sequence of anything which has been or is a reboot and it has already been confirmed, which is in the range of the voice in the movie.

Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Octavia Spencer will give a voice to the characters and enjoy the new adventure. “Onward,” you are going to tell the story of the two brothers in the elves, you are going to explore the world to find out if there is still magic somewhere out there.

The direction will be by Dan Scanlon, and Kori Rae is producing. “Onward” is the debut scheduled to take place on the 6th of march of the year 2020, and Tom Holland has already sent me a message talking about the new movie:

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