Chris Pratt compares it to the player’s World 3 and the Upcoming Deadline


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In the new movie Jurassic World it appears that it will close in a new trilogy. Chris Pratt, the star of the film, and the Guardians of the Galaxyhe said in an interview on how he sees his film in the trilogy next Upcoming Deadline.

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Speaking in the program The Ellen Showthe actor said: “It sounds like [o fim]. He comes down to the entire world, and it pretty much has the whole world in it, I may have just spoiled, but I don’t care. I do know that the entire cast of the original movie of Jurassic Park is back, and it’s going to be very similar to how [Vingadores:] Deadline has brought it all back to Marvel”

We know that the MCU has made it clear as to how the film would be made on the way to mass, and we expect that the characters would come back. The central trio of Jurassic Park, Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblumis confirmed as a cast member, so there’s the question of whether the actor has actually made them to understand that someone else will be back.

The director of the Colin Trevorrow I had already talked about the first film in the new franchise, it’s much more of a Jurassic Park VI that’s a reboot. Now it remains to be seen how this will work on the screen.

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Jurassic World 3 is expected to launch on June 11, 2021.