Coronavirus: Angelina Jolie is on the alert for the education in isolation: “it Is the biggest challenge


Angelina Jolie, 44, has been in quarantine with her and their children, and warned of the challenges of education in the home during isolation, because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

In an interview with Time magazine, the actress said that parents need to be aware of the education at that time. “In my opinion, the two things that affect the kids who are out of school, and they are, of course, is the “education” and “educational issues”, he said.

“I do not know who the parents are from all over the country are faced with the education in the home, and this may be more of a challenge for the parents than for the kids,” he said.

She is the mother of six children — Maddox, 18 years of age, Persons 16 years of age, Zahara, 15 years old, Shiloh is 13 years old Knox, 11, and Vivienne, 11 years old — and he took the opportunity of the interview to draw attention to the increase in the number of cases of domestic violence, and child pornography, in addition to the millions of children in the united states to the brink of starvation and without access to school meals.

“We know that domestic violence is on the rise in all over the world, because we have heard stories of horrible,” he said. “So, then, within the house, it can be [ambiente] the most dangerous in the world for a lot of people.”

“They are not impacted directly by the virus, but the secondary impact is to be locked up in a house with an abusive person, you don’t have access to a school lunch — you may be their only meal for the day. 11, in each of the seven children in the united states are so close to starvation,” said the actress.

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Angelina, on the other hand, continues to believe in humanity, and to call for changes. “We should never have children, most vulnerable people in the world. We should never be in such a state… this is a moment of the action. For large changes all over the world,” he said. “I don’t think that you really can’t afford not to have hope. As long as people are aware of how to help and what they do, and they will help you.”