Court considers what Katy Perry did not commit plagiarism, It


A court in Los Angeles overturned, on the afternoon of Wednesday (18) in an earlier decision of the Justice of Los Angeles, which was determined to be a singer Katy Perry would have had to pay a total amount of US$ 2,78 million by plagiarizing a song by the rap, to christian, to make her hit song Dark Horse. The coroner who investigated the case after an appeal by the lawyers of the singer, took the view that the song is supposed to pirated call Joyful Noisefrom Marcus Gray’s, it was not sufficiently original to be protected by copyright law.

“It is undisputed in this case that the characteristics of a Joyful Noise, we are a combination of a particularly unique or rare,” he says of the decision. Lawyers for the rapper have already followed up with an appeal against the new decision, stating that it will “do all it can to re-establish a verdict before.”

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In August, the court had imposed a fine on-the-Perry-the-value-of-2,78 million dollars for plagiarism. The artist would have had to pay A$ 500 billion out of their own pocket, while his record company, Capitol Records, which would be charged to the remainder. The song that Marcus had made the complaint, and in 2014, when it became one of the biggest hits of the year”. The song appears on the album 2008 Our World: Redeemedwith a rate and a like Dark Horse. Marcus has asked the justice for an estimated amount of US$ 40 million, but the defense, I claimed that this number was overestimated, which did not correspond to expenses for the production, recording, exporting, etc. Dark Horse it is on the disc Thenof 2013, and it has a clip that is inspired by the Ancient Egypt, with a load of more than 2.6 million plays on YouTube.

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