Cute! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner reveals the secrets of the relationship during the competition, the couples in” and respond to those who fell in love first watch!


A couple 10! Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been married in the past year, but I already have a tune for those who are together for a long time to come. The two of them have surrendered to the challenges in the application’s Tik Tok while in quarantine, and they answered questions about their relationship. The lovebirds joined in the consensus on almost all of the questions except for one…

The challenge is pretty simple, the audio of the app is the questions and the two of you just need to point out to you, or to your partner’s response. Right away, the two took issue with the hearing “Who was the first to fall in love”when each of you responded to have been the first. Vixe! But, then, the interpretation of Sansa Stark on “Game Of Thrones” reigned supreme in the absolute.

So much of her as a singer, can you believe it is the answer for people who feel hungry any more, which is the more pampered, and who is the most bad-tempered, she is Sophie Turner. Baby girl of God! We’re not good for you, don’t, wasn’t it?! Lol Watch the video:


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Social isolation does have some positive aspects, to Joe and Sophie. During the live show with your host, Andy Cohen, the artist talked about the opportunity to spend time with his wife. “I don’t think that, for us, it’s good to have each other during this time, but I think it might be [diferente] for a lot of people,”he said.

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“We got married in the last year, and then, of course, not only do we want to be together, it’s a very special moment”melted-if you, Joe. The pop singer has handed it has cooked a lot at home and even gave us a tip to other couples. “I would encourage other couples would be to find creative and fun ways to have one-night encounters with each other”, he said.

Joe, Jonas, Sophie Turner, got married for the second time in June 2019. Photo: Getty Images)

At the beginning of the month, Sophie Turner spoke to a live Conan O’brien also spoke about the time spent with your loved one. “I’m kind of loving it. Yes, I do want to say that I am an introvert. I am a stay at home person. So, if I could just stay at home all day, that would be great, so that’s a great thing for me…. I get out of the house once a day for a walk with my dog, and then that’s it”details of the.