Demi Lovato is Incredible, with Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Bill Clinton


Demi Lovato you are enjoying making connections with your friends during the quarantine period!

In an episode of this on Tuesday, 31st of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonthe singer I Love Me I said to the presenter that his agent, Scooter Brauncreated for a group of Built-in FaceTime in the epic, for all the world to stay connected during the separation of the social. However, he has not invited your guests. According to Rt, some of the celebrities at large has begun to appear in the links.

He has called for a 30-celebrities -, random -, and it’s funny because it’s the first time that I have attended, as Bill Clinton was in thereit, ” she said. “He was the guest-of-honour. Then, all of a sudden, I have also seen Ariana [Grande] and it’s Katy Perry. Throughout the night he asks you for someone new“.

And when asked about who she would see there, Demi has revealed that he was a star Mark Cuevas.

Talk with your friends famous, it was just one of the ways in which Demi was keeping a positive for the gap to be social. When you talk about mental health, she shared with me some of the important tips on how to deal with these difficult times.

It is very important that you take care of your mental health… even more so now that we’re alone with our them, ” she said. “Some of us are at home alone. Some people are not on the side of the family. Some of them don’t have pets. So, in the end it is just them and the voices in his head of them that you can shout it out from time to time“.

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According to the Rt activities, such as meditation, prayer, playing with pets and reading toto quiet those voicesduring this time, to foster the growth of emotional and spiritual growth.

I think that now is a critical time for humanityit, ” she said. “If we don’t change this, it’s going to be very, very sad. We all have to use this as an experience to grow from. And that’s not to say that you have to write a book, it is the little things that we do every day“.

During the interview, Demi also did a performance of the song I Love Me. Watch it above!